Debating Society

The Litherland High School Debating Society aims to give the students the opportunity to discuss current events and issues of contention within a formal debate structure. Not only does debate hone fine research skills but it also promotes high levels of literacy and oracy, which lead to significant improvement in progress in lessons. A group of our students attended the launch of Debate Mate at Liverpool Hope University . Some of the Debate Mate candidates from last year held a live debate on whether junk food should be banned. Students from all schools present were encouraged to ask questions to probe the strength of the arguments presented and our very own Katie McIntosh was awarded a £10 Nando's gift card for the best question! Some mentors from the university have started working with the groups to get them ready for the Debate Mate Cup and the Urban Debate League. If you want to be involved, come along to Starbooks on Monday or Thursday 15.15-16.00.

Debating Society is a fun activity in which you can socialise with others you may not usually socialise with. You are able to engage a new understanding of others’ views and are able to put across yours through a structured argument. It’s interesting to debate over varied topics, some serious and some fun. It is quite cross curricular in the fact that it boosts other skills, like public speaking in English and some of the debate topics are about things like Politics. I attend debate because I find it interesting to gain other people’s views and to try as hard as possible to win the debate.

Curtis Winter Y10