German Exchange

LHS currently has a link with a school in Gaimersheim in Bavaria, Germany. Last year we took 10 students, ranging from Year 7 to Year 11, to visit our link school where they took part in a number of activities such as a trip to the Bavarian capital of Munich as well as a guided tour of the Audi Factory in Inglostadt. Students stayed with host families and attended classes with their host partners. Later in the year our German partners came to sample the sights of Liverpool and the students of LHS were allowed the chance to act as tour guides for their home city, visiting The Beatles Museum and experiencing the scary side of Liverpool’s past with The Shiverpool Tour. Students were able to develop their historical knowledge of the area as well as improve their linguistic competence and cultural understanding.

In the February of 2014 I went on a German exchange trip. I decided to go to get a taste of life in Germany and to be honest it was totally different to my home life. We visited their school and sat in on an English lesson. We visited the town hall in Gaimersheim and spoke with the Mayor. We took a day trip to the Bavarian capital, Munich, where we saw the 1972 Olympic stadium and the BMW and Audi factories. We ate the same food as our partners and at times tried to talk like them. All in all it was a great experience which I would repeat without a second thought if given the chance.

Adam Jackson 9MM