Ghana and Nigeria

Litherland High School, together with Hatton Hill Primary School and Crosby High School, formed a partnership with three schools in Ghana and three schools in Nigeria in 2007 through the Connecting Classrooms programme organised by the British Council. We formed our partnership in Mozambique and we have been working together since then to enhance our students’ knowledge of the other countries and their cultures.

In the first year of the partnership each country produced a DVD to teach the other countries about traditional sports, games and dances. Teachers from all nine schools involved met in Ghana, during which time we shared our resources and the students from Ghana put on a fantastic performance of their country’s games and dances. The DVDs were then put into use in the classroom and our students learnt a lot from them.

The following year teachers and students from Ghana and Nigeria visited Liverpool and we continued to work on the project. Teachers and students from Ghana were able to visit us again in 2011 and are planning another visit this year.