Junior Leadership Team

Junior Leadership Team

At Litherland High, we provide a wide range of opportunities for students to develop as citizens, both of the school and the wider community.
Student leadership opportunities are many and varied, enabling students to use and develop their leadership skills: 
A Junior Leadership Team is in place with Head Boy and Girl as well as prefects in Year 11, a peer mentoring programme, digital leaders and anti-bullying ambassadors. In addition, each year group has a school council which serves as the link between the students and the leadership of the school. These opportunities allow the students to learn that they can effect positive change and take on roles of responsibility which prepare them for life beyond school.

The role of head boy is a very fulfilling, exciting and rewarding position. It allows me to use and develop leadership skills whilst taking on new challenges and engaging with fellow students and staff. I have had many fantastic and unique opportunities whilst within this role and it has given me experience in fields which will I am sure I will find useful in future endeavours. 

Jake - Head Boy


​Although my role of Head Girl comes with many challenges I am privileged to have the opportunity to make a difference to our school's ethos. Being Head Girl is very rewarding and gives me new skills and helps to develop qualities that are necessary for my life after school. I am also very grateful to have the opportunity to have a positive impact on my school and engaging with all staff and students within. Letting students take control of their education is a brilliant part of LHS and I am grateful to be involved, I look forward to what the future of our school holds!

Mia Hankinson - Head Girl

An increasing focus on developing a more proactive culture of student engagement and the development of their civic understanding, oracy and self-confidence skills."

Ofsted 2015