Staff Mobilities

All staff have the opportunity to visit schools in France and Spain through the Erasmus + scheme. The visits last for a week, during which time teachers take part in a language course, share methodology and take part in cultural visits as well as observing in a local school. So far teachers from the maths, science and MFL departments have taken part. 

Miss Mitchell from our Maths Department spent time at a school in Rouen, France. Here is what she set out to do and how she got on.

  • To discuss teaching and learning ideas with teachers of different subjects.
  • To see how methods that other teachers use, including those who teach Primary children, could be used in my classroom.
  • To re-visit the French that I had been taught at GCSE.

The biggest thing that I learnt from the trip was how it must feel for a child to not know how to do something. During the week I often felt like I could not take part in activities because of the language barrier that I was faced with. This left me thinking about the students in class who feel this way about Maths. This has made me more aware of looking for facial expressions of the students in my class as a clue to their feelings, and has also made me a lot more patient when children are struggling with a question, no matter how easy others around them, or myself, may think it is.  

Miss Mitchell