Introduction to Technology

In this section you can find out about KS3 Technology, which includes Resistant Materials, Food Technology and Textiles. You can also find out about GCSE Resistant Materials.


Resistant Materials

In Design Technology (Resistant Materials) students are taught skills that will allow them to be able to design and communicate ideas and solutions through sketching, formal drawing methods and computer graphics to produce both models and actual items using a variety of compliant and resistant materials.


Food Technology

In food technology there is a strong emphasis on the gaining of practical skills, whilst working in a safe and hygienic environment.  The course covers basic nutrition and homework is set when it is felt necessary to supplement theory work or to revise before a test.  Students have the opportunity to work as individuals or as part of a group.  Co-operation with fellow students is an important life skill and is essential in a practical situation.  Food and equipment investigations are also carried out.  Reinforcements, at home, of skills learnt at school is invaluable, as lesson time and working space are at a premium.