Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to Litherland High…..

Litherland High is in the centre of it's community and whilst it plays a significant role in the community, something we hope to expand, its main role is to provide the best education for its young people. I, the Governing Body, Principal Management Team and all staff at the school want to unlock every student’s potential through excellent teaching and student support. Litherland High is in the ‘Business of Learning’ and we hope to equip our young people with the skills and knowledge to achieve their potential whether it is within academia, professional or voluntary fields. From discussions with some of the students I have had the pleasure of meeting at the school, I have no doubt they have significant potential and with their enthusiasm, support from family and friends and the schools drive, we can assist them on their way.

Excellent Teaching + Enthusiastic Students + Support = Successful Young People

The school offers in addition to mainstream academic subjects, several vocational subjects to help engage and develop the wide range of skills and interests the students bring to the school.  We measure success against qualifications but we also value wider life skills that help equip our students to develop themselves and those around them.

Rob Pritchard, Chair of Governors